I’m PageXRAGE. Creator of the Nyoka Light Wand. Founder and CEO of Nyoka Design Corp. Biotech and Permaculture die hard. UNOFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE MICROBIOME. STEAM instructor. MEMBER OF MIT GLOBAL COMMUNITY BIO INITIATIVE. Strategic Development at Core Landscape Products.


This site is a bit of a personal online space. I write updates, link to neat projects, and keep a very not up to date portfolio. I love connecting with like-minded people.
I’m currently working on:

  • Launching the world’s first eco-friendly glow stick, the Nyoka Light Wand! Powered with bioluminescence, and working on a version that will be completely compostable and healing for the soil microbiome 😀 Launching a mini-Kickstarter Jan. 20, 2020, check it out here!
  • Working at my favourite company ever, Core Landscape Products, where I am leading the company into a whole new level of eco-friendly, earth-healing, epicness.
  • Continuing my ongoing studies with biochar, indigenous microorganisms, supporting local microbiomes

Living Systems Everywhere/ 
Keep an eye out for the Nyoka Project (coming soon to a festival near you)
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Here is my most recent song: havent produced anything in ages then listened to Greta’s UN Speech and was mad inspired. Take a listen on Soundcloud!
Want to know a bit more about my work and what I’m about? This video is a great place to start 🙂